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Encore Talent Competition

Encore Talent Competition Information


RECREATIONAL LEVEL: dancers  who study less than 3 hours per week at the studio.  Recreational level dancers receive trophies/pins and are eligible for high score awards, if there are at least 10 entries within their division. Recreational top score recipients receive gift certificates instead of cash. Once a dancer has won 1st place in the recreational level (and remain in the same age division), they must move up to the intermediate level. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: students who study more than 3 hours per week, but feel they are not up to the Elite level of competition.  Once a dancer has won first place in the intermediate level (and remain in the same age division), they must move up to the elite level.   Top score recipients receive gift certificates.
ELITE LEVEL: students who study dance for 6 or more hours per week and wish to be adjudicated based on an elite level.   Top score recipients receive cash awards and are eligible to be in the title competition and dance-off at our nationals.  Professional: Adult dancers 21 years and older who are studio owners, teachers or professional dancers. Dancers in this classification are NOT eligible for “High Score” awards. This includes groups with as few as one professional within the group. Parent/Sr. Dancers: adult dancers (i.e. parents, etc.) excluding professionals. There is no age division for this level. They receive trophies/pins and are eligible for high score awards within their Division, if there are at least 5 in their division. Special Performers: this category is for special needs dancers and will perform in the recreational category. They will be eligible for "high score" awards if there are at least 5 in their division. There is no entry fee for special performers.
AGE DIVISIONS: Petite: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 Junior: 9-10, 11-12 Teen:13-14, 15-16 Senior:17-18, 19-20 Adults: 21+  The age is defined as the contestant’s age on January 1st. The group’s age is based on the average age of the performers. Drop decimals and round the age down. Groups are not permitted to compete in an age group more than one age level below the oldest dancer in the group. Routines competing at Nationals will enter the same age division as they did in the qualifying Regional competition. Proof of age may be requested. A deliberate attempt to enter the wrong age division will result in disqualification with no refund.

Title competitions are held only at our Nationals and there is no additional charge.  Photography entries and best costume entries may be entered at the door.
TIME LIMITS: A deduction of one point will be deducted for exceeding the time limit. Solos & Duets/Trios: (3 min.); Small Groups (3 min.); Large Groups & Lines (4 minutes); Productions  (6 minutes); Production Plus (exceeds 6 minutes).  Additional time may be purchased, if needed.
ENTRY DEADLINES: The entry deadline date for all competitions is 30 days prior to the scheduled competition. Early bird discounts only apply if the entry fees are received by the 30 day deadline.  Entries received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be accepted however, if there is available time they are accepted with a $5.00 late charge, per entry number. Late entries are not eligible for discounts. No entries will be accepted at the door (with the exception of Photogenic and Costume). Solos are $85; Duos/Trios are $30/person; Groups are $30/dancer (these are fees before the early bird discount).

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