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Attendance Policy

Our performance year lasts from September to June.  Please encourage your student to follow through with the commitment you are making today & do not quit mid-year.  This leaves us with an opening that cannot be filled since routines have been started & costumes ordered, etc.  If your student has a problem with the class, please let us know.  We may be able to suggest another class that may be more enjoyable.  Students who complete the entire year get to experience a very special day at Grand Recital & are recognized at our annual trophy ceremony.  We offer many fun activities, workshops & performing opportunities throughout the year & want every new student to experience all that an entire year at Dancensation has to offer before deciding to move on.

We hope you understand that regular weekly attendance is crucial to learning.  We do not offer makeup lessons for any classes missed, due to availability of studio space. Soloists may feel free to trade timeslots with another solo student to avoid an absence.  Students who are absent to class on the week of a show may not be allowed to perform in the upcoming performance since changes may be made in class which the absent student would not know at the show.  This is the teacher’s decision.


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