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Performance Policy

We will have several performances throughout the year in which your child may be invited to perform.  We realize that students may have other activities, however we do expect a level of commitment to Dancensation.  One student missing from a group performance effects the formations & counts of a routine & is not fair to the rest of the group.  Please make these shows a priority to your child.  Every time your child performs in front of an audience they are building confidence & that is what our studio is all about.  Dancensation participates in 2 regional competitions each year as well as nationals out of town.  Students are invited to compete by their teacher only if they are ready & we use specific criteria to determine this.  See Competition requirement sheet for more info.  Please remember that all performances & competitions are based on having fun & enjoying accomplishments.   Any student or parent who becomes too competitive, disrupts class or creates problems between our performers, parents or staff will be asked to leave Dancensation.

These are our  biggest recitals each year (see important dates page).  Tickets will be sold in December for Holiday Melodies (piano & voice recital) & Holiday Festival Revue(dance recital) & part of the proceeds will be donated to charity.    For June’s Grand Recital, students are required to pay a Recital Fee instead of purchasing tickets.  Our Recital Fee is $75.00 per student & is due by May 7th.  This cost covers all of the production expenses for putting on a quality Grand Recital including theater rental, sound & light technicians, printing of programs, trophies, set design, etc.   Please plan ahead when scheduling vacations & if possible, wait until after Grand Recital as to not miss the classes & smaller performances which lead to our biggest show of the year.

Parents must encourage students to practice at home regularly.  This will enable your student to receive new material more often.  Students who do not practice at home will not progress & will spend too much class time reviewing last week’s material.  They will eventually fall behind & will not be ready for performances or competitions.  We are happy to make a cd of your child’s performance music if you bring us a blank cd with your child’s name written on it.  We expect them to listen to it at home and practice on a regular basis as repetition is the key to learning a routine.  Students who practice at home are more confident on stage & will be better performers.  

Classroom discipline for disruptive or inappropriate behavior is handled differently by each teacher.  Each staff member has different expectations in their classroom.  Please ask your child’s teacher if you have any questions about their individual discipline policy.